Wireless/Wii Hack for SNES and NES Controllers Receiver Assembly

Copyright © 2007 Mark Feldman. All Rights Reserved.

I'd recommend making the receiver before either of the transmitters. It's easier to build and more forgiving of mistakes, and once built it can be used to test the transmitters during their construction.

Receiver Circuit

*Note: The resistor values are now 10X the values they were in the original version of this circuit. The voltage divider in the original version drained 50uA which was a bit too too high for some versions of the RXB1 chip.

The LED is the 3mm bicolor red/green type, at power-up it is switched off. When no wireless signal is being detected RB2 is brought high and RB3 brought low to turn it red, when a valid signal is being detected they are reversed to turn it green. I've represented them as two LEDs in the circuit as my copy of Eagle doesn't seem to have a bicolor LED device...the anode (green side) is connected to RB3.

The following firmware will need to be downloaded and programmed into the 16F84A-20 microcontroller. It was compiled with MPLAB v7.51:


The hardware for the receiver is so simple that it hardly seems worth the effort of making a PCB. I wired it up on perf board instead and mounted it in a zippy box:

The GameCube connector was cut from the end of a controller extension cable, I picked one up at the local EB Games for AU$10. The zippy box has a hole drilled at the top for the 3mm LED and socket, a second hole drilled on the side accommodates a grommet. The grommet hole was somewhat larger than the cable so I super-glued a 5mm LED socket to the inside of it which made a perfect fit.

Component List

* These values are different to the original values I published. Please see the note under the receiver schematic at the top of this page.

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